Summer Emails

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Your Preparing for Arrival Checklist

Dear Student,

There is much to do as you begin your journey as an Acadia student.  Over the next four weeks we will be providing you with information updates by to assist in your preparations.

This first email contains a checklist of items that must be completed before you arrive. We have included this printable chart for you to check each item off as completed. 

Register for courses:

Online course registration is currently available for all new students. Below you will find some helpful tips on how to get started and where to find  the information that you will need to successfully register for your courses.

Guide to Choosing Courses

Our Registrar's Office has developed a guide that will help you better understand the registration process here at Acadia. We recommend that you review it before you get started, and keep it close by while you are registering. To visit the guide, please click here.

Academic Calendar

When you are ready to begin course registration, you will want to have a copy of our online Academic Calendar. This calendar will provide you with all of the course names and descriptions, which you will find very helpful when selecting courses. To visit the calendar, please click here.

Online Registration

When you log in to register for courses online, your username will be the last six digits of your Acadia ID number (123456789a) and the first initial of your last name. If you don't remember your password, you can request that it be emailed directly to you by selecting the "Forgot Password" option. To register for courses online, please click here.

Please note that if any of your first-year courses are full, we encourage you to contact the Registrar at Spaces may have been reserved for you as a major or first year student.  There are also waiting lists in place for all electives so be sure to get in touch with the Registrar's Office if an elective appears full that you would like to be registered in.  

This is a lot of information to take in all at one time, so please feel free to contact the Registrar's Office ( or check out the online faq's

Residence Planning: What to bring

Moving into residence also requires some planning and to help make sure you bring everything you will need we have created a 'what to bring to residence' list  for you.  If you have any questions about the list or want to know if something not listed is ok to bring, the Residence Life Team looks forward to hearing from you at 

Laptop Purchase

All students who will be attending Acadia University are required to have a laptop. This will give you a technology rich educational experience, and prepare you for the world with a familiarity of today's technology.

You can choose to bring a laptop that you currently own, purchase your laptop from an outside vendor, or purchase one online through our technology store. Regardless of your decision, we recommend that any laptop you plan to bring to Acadia meets our specifications. If you choose to purchase your laptop through our Technology Store, we have Dell and Apple products designed to meet your academic needs. For more information please go to the Tech Store site where you will see the specs of our current laptops along with information and links to order your laptop.  

Fee Payment

Fees are paid in two installments, one in fall semester and the other in the winter semester. Fall semester fees are due to be paid by September 7, 2016. To locate your Student Account information, please sign in to your Acadia Central account at Students can submit fee payments online or in person with our Students Accounts team. For more information please contact Student Accounts at or phone 902.585.1297. 

Acadia is pleased to have joined HigherEdPoints which enables students studying in Canada to redeem points or miles from their Loyalty Program and turn them into funds to offset for their university fees. Through, Aeroplan® Miles can be redeemed for HigherEdPoints credits which can be used to offset Acadia fees.  Anyone can donate their points to an individual student.


Purchase Textbooks

When your book list is available, it will appear in your Acadia Central account at or you can visit the bookstore website at To learn how you can purchase or rent your textbooks, please read the information below:

The Books on Beds option will become available during the first week of August for your online textbook order through the Acadia University Bookstore website: This is an absolutely free service for students who live in residence. All you have to do is place your online order before August 30, 2016, select the Books on Beds delivery option, and provide us with your residence name and room number. We will make the delivery on September 1st so that your order will be waiting for you when you arrive. Please note that you can order anything listed on the website.

Purchase or rental

If you don’t plan to purchase your books online, you can purchase them from our Campus Bookstore which is located on the main level of Wheelock Dining Hall. Click here to visit the Campus Bookstore website for hours of operation and more.

Rent a text

 Renting your textbooks offers you the lowest up-front cost. On average, you'll save more than 50% off the purchase cost of the book and, it's easy.  You can rent your books in-store or online. First, find out if your textbook is available for rent. Special red tags on the book shelves in the store and a special icon online will indicate that a title is available for rent. In order to rent, you need to be 18 years of age and provide ID, contact information, and a credit card number.

The bookstore website offers a complete overview of how the process works and what is involved the in the rental agreement. 


Submit photo for ID Card

To avoid a potentially long line-up for your Student ID in September, Acadia’s Department of Safety and Security is pleased to offer you an opportunity before you arrive to submit your own photo for your ID online. You will receive your ID after a confirmation of your identification is presented during Welcome Week.

To submit your photo, go to and log in using your Acadia Central username and password. Please click on “Axcess Card Picture Upload” and carefully read the guidelines. If you have any questions, please contact Nadine Wilson, the Administrative Coordinator for the Department of Safety & Security using the information listed below:


Tel: (902) 585-1580| Fax: (902) 585-1091


Important dates

The most important dates to be aware of as you prepare for arrival are:

• September 3: Residences open for new students & Welcome Week begins

• September 7: First day of classes and fee deadline

• September 16: Last day to add courses

• September 30: Last day to opt out of Health Plan

• October 3: December exam schedule posted

• October 10: Thanksgiving (no classes)

• October 11: Fall study day (no classes)

• October 28: Last day to drop 3h first term courses without penalty

• November 11: Remembrance Day Holiday (no classes)

• December 8 to 20: Exams

• December 21: Residences close at 12:00 noon

 The Academic Calendar lists all important dates for the upcoming academic year.  

We look forward to seeing you in September and please be sure to contact us if you have any questions about the information above or anything not covered.

Yours in Acadia Spirit,

The Enrolment and Student Services Team

Academic Success at Acadia University

Dear Student,

We are busy preparing for your arrival! You will be receiving regular emails from us with updates and important information to help you transition to Acadia. 

Tips for academic success:

1) Check through the Academic Calendar
The Academic Calendar has everything from our academic policies and procedures, to information on programs, course selection and important dates!

2) Meet with your Academic Advisor by the end of September 2016
Do you know who your Academic Advisor is? Have you made an appointment to meet with them? If not, now is the time! Every student has an Academic Advisor assigned by their department. Contact your advisor at: 

3) Register with Accessible Learning Services 
We offer individualized supports, such as counselling, mentoring, academic advising, access to tutors, note taking, access to information about external funding, access to assistive technology, individualized learning strategies, and classroom accommodation plans. 

4) Take advantage of the many academic supports available to you
• First Year Advisor (academic support, transition to university, health and wellness)

• Accessible Learning Services

• Department Specific Support & Tutoring Services

• MASH (Math & Stats Help)

• The Writing CentreError! Hyperlink reference not valid.

• Academic Advisors and Librarians

       Ask for help and get the support when you need it!

5) Meet with your professors
Your professors will work closely with you to help ensure your success, so talk to them frequently. They will be one of your greatest resources while you are at Acadia. Utilize their office hours to discuss assignments, upcoming midterms, exams, your field of study and any other academic questions. 

You can do this and we’re here to assist you every step of the way.  

See you soon!
The staff at Enrolment & Student Services
Please contact us if you did not receive the what to do before you arrive email. 

Taking Care of You!

Dear Student,

We look forward to welcoming your arrival soon.

You can help us provide a positive, healthy and supportive campus. Here are some of the ways that you can make your wellness a top priority - even before you begin classes!

As well, once you arrive, there will be lots of opportunity to take part in workshops or forums on topics such as eating and exercising, stress management, study skills, sexual and mental health, alcohol harms reduction, time and money management, and lots more! 

1) Become familiar with our student health and wellness resources

Our Student Resource Centre offers a wide variety of resources, including counselling for anxiety, depression, or personal issues, to academic advising, a health clinic, and lots more.

2) Check and update your medical records

Make sure your medical records are up to date; including all vaccinations and other important health information.

3) Tell us about any important medical-related information

You can communicate in confidence with our Student Health Centre about any medical-related assistance or advice that you may need.

If you think you would benefit from accessibility supports or accommodations for a medical condition, please contact Kathy O’Rourke at

Remember, keeping yourself healthy in both mind and body is just as important as keeping up with your studies.

Please note that the Fall Semester Study days are October 11, November 9, and November 10, 2016.
For all important dates, please refer to the Academic Calendar. 

See you soon!
The staff at Acadia’s Enrolment & Student Services

Welcome Week and the Acadia Students' Union!

Dear Student,

4-3-2-1, the Countdown is on. You’ll be here soon.

September 3rd is Arrival Day! We want to help you make arrival and orientation as smooth as possible. Check out the helpful tips below. 

1) What is Welcome Week?

It is your important orientation to Acadia University! You will learn about the academic resources (your professors, academic advisors, librarians, support programs and services), important student services / supports and where to find them, meet new friends and have fun. The Acadia Students’ Union (ASU) and Acadia University have been working hard planning what will be an amazing experience!

2) Get involved!

Check out volunteer opportunities at the Welcome Centre in the Student Union Building (SUB) on Wednesday, September 7 from 11:00 am - 4:00 pm.

The fun doesn’t end after Welcome Week. There are tons of ways to get involved and it’s easy to become part of a club or group on campus. Every year, the ASU holds Club Extravaganza - a chance for students to check out the club and volunteer opportunities (we have over 65 clubs!). Come and join us on Wednesday, September 14, at 5:00 pm on the main level of the SUB and get involved!”

3) Purchase an ALL AXE-CESS pack for Welcome Week

The ASU hosts a number of ticketed events in addition to the full schedule of all-access events. Your ALL AXE-CESS pack includes access to all of the ticketed events during Welcome Week and some free swag! Click here to get yours.
We're also offering clothing packs! You can get yours here.

Any questions? Let us know at

See you very soon,

The staff at Enrolment & Student Services