Guide to Living Off-campus

Wolfville welcomes Acadia students! To help make your time in our community safe and pleasant, the Town of Wolfville has partnered with the Acadia Students’ Union, Acadia University and the RCMP of Wolfville to provide the following contacts and advice:

Neighbourhood Contacts

Acadia Students’ Union

  • Vice President Communications (Suzanne Gray) 902-585-2125
  • Information Desk 902-585-2110

Acadia University

  • Safety and Security 902-585-1103
  • Non-Academic Judicial Process 902-585-1825

Health services

  • Eastern Kings Community Health Centre 902-542-2266
  • Acadia Student Health Services 902-585-1238

Kings Transit Authority

  • Bus Services 902-678-7310

RCMP, Wolfville Office

  • General Inquiries 902-542-3817
  • Emergencies 911

Access Nova Scotia

Town of Wolfville

  • Administrative Office 902-542-5767
  • By-Law Enforcement Officers 902-542-3412
  • Public Works and Planning 902-542-3960
  • Visitor Information 902-542-7000
  • Recreation Programs & Services 902-542-3019
  • Events & Services

Valley Waste Resource Management

  • Garbage Collection and Recycling 902-679-1325

How to be a good neighbour

  • Get involved in your neighbourhood!
  • Observe the general standards of appearance in your neighbourhood.
  • Try to make an extra effort to keep trash, old furniture, and other waste items properly stored and sorted.
  • Help new neighbours to understand and comply with municipal by-laws such as parking, noise, waste, recycling and snow removal.
  • If you have a challenge or conflict with a neighbor, contact one of our community builders to facilitator a collaborative resolution.

Community builders

How to host social events responsibly

As a host you are responsible for the safety of your guests, as well as damage to a dwelling and to neighbours’ property. Here are some tips to help you manage your event safely and respectfully:

  • Monitor the size of gathering and designate a sober person to oversee the event.
  • Determine if you need a license.
  • Let your neighbours and the RCMP know 
you’re hosting an event.
  • Be sensitive to your neighbours’ noise tolerances.
  • Serve food 
and non-alcoholic drinks.
  • Pay attention to laws and by-laws (minors and noise)
  • Invite the Red and Blue Crew.
  • Identify intoxicated individuals, stop serving them, assess and get help (911) if necessary.
  • Follow-up with neighbours about any noise issues.
  • Clean up the neighbourhood.

Some Important Laws

Provincial Liquor Control Act




Underage drinking



Public Intoxication



False Proof of Age



Open alcohol in public




Provincial Protection of Property Act




Engaging in activity prohibited by notice



Failing to leave after being directed to do so




Town of Wolfville Noise By-law




Making noise disturbing peace and tranquility



Causing loud and unnecessary noise


heard on other property or dwelling




Town of Wolfville Open Air Fires By-law




Having open air fire or any fire not


permitted by by-law



Burning general, garden, or yard waste