Contacting Your Professor

AU Prof and students

It is important you keep emails to your professors clear and concise. You should always contact your Professors using your Acadia email address. Make sure you download the Outlook App on your phone to avoid missing important emails from your Professors.

Guidelines for an email:

  1. You should start your email by greeting your professor
  2. The body of the email should include:
    • The class you are taking from this professor
    • Your question
  3. You should always conclude your email with your name and Acadia ID.
Email Template

Hello Professor [name of professor],

My name is [your name & Acadia ID] and I am a student in your [course name & course number] class. I am writing to [write the purpose of your email. For example, to set up a meeting to discuss an assignment, ask a question about an assignment, or to learn the format of an upcoming midterm].



[Your name]
[Your Acadia ID]

Example Email

Hello Professor XYZ,

My name is Jane Doe (100123456) and I am a student in your Introductory Biology class (BIOL 1113). I am writing to set up a meeting regarding the upcoming midterm. Please let me know if there is a time that works well in your schedule. I am available any time after 1:30pm.



Jane Doe

Make the Most of Office Hours